4 & 5 October 2012
Cape Town, South Africa
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News about PyConZa


Umonya brings the joy of Python to Cape Town’s high-school students. Among these students are our Python programmers of the future and so PyConZA is pleased to announce that a handful of Umonya’s most talented and enthusiastic students have been given the opportunity to attend!

Umonya started out as a very successful student-run project at UCT. It’s new leaders, Lyndsay Lawrence and Nina Schiff, have transformed it into an independent project and are now looking to take it nationwide.

Nina and Lyndsay will be running a tutorial at PyConZA -- Python for Programmers -- aimed at getting developers more familiar with other languages fully up to speed on Python’s awesomeness so they can get the most out of the rest of the talks at PyCon.

If you’d like to help out, Umonya will be updating their documentation and training materials at PyConZA’s sprints on the weekend after PyConZA. Volunteers with all levels of Python experience are needed -- from gurus to explain the finer points of method resolution order to newcomers who can make sure explanations make sense to those encountering them for the first time.

Umonya will be running a training session for high-school students the weekend after PyConZA at the start of Software Week. If you’d like to get involved, sign up here.

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