4 & 5 October 2012
Cape Town, South Africa
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Why PHP is terrible addiction to kick

Bradley Whittington

I am a geek who loves the web. I cut my teeth on BASIC when computers only had 16 colours, and grew up breaking more things than I fixed in an effort to understand how they worked. An introduction to Pascal when I was 15 started my fall into a pit of technology. Attending university I had my eyes opened to permanently available Internet, and my first taste of UNIX in the form of FreeBSD. This lead to being part of a sub-culture of geeks within the already niche computer society on campus, RUCUS. I've spent time funrolling loops and pouring PHP onto servers for fun and profit, until I met Python and Django, my two true loves. I've spent some time working in research, Internet dating, web-based website building, and most recently, mobile social networking.

Talk Outline

PHP is horrible as a language, but Python can be intimidating to get started. Some thoughts on where the Python community can learn lessons from the PHP community.

Everyone knows PHP is horrible, but it continues to be widely used to construct large complex systems, in spite of its inconsistency, lack of language-level features, and pitted history with security issues. It has a tiny learning curve, and getting started is incredibly simple. This talk looks at some of the usability issues with getting started in Python-based web development, looking at examples in Flask and Django.

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