4 & 5 October 2012
Cape Town, South Africa
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Scaling Django: serving traffic and growing your team

Alex Gaynor

Alex is a software engineer at Rdio in San Francisco, California, where he works to make music awesome. He's also a core developer of Django, PyPy, and CPython and serves as a director of the Django Software Foundation. In his free time... hah, what free time!

Talk Outline

So you've launched a Django web site and you're starting to attract users? This talk will equip you with the knowledge to do two things. One, handle all the traffic. And two, grow your team of engineers and designers.

The web is littered with horror stories of projects and sites that "couldn't scale". You don't want your project to be one of them. Scaling means your project will have two problems: how do I handle all these HTTP requests? And how do I hire new engineers to work on this project? Luckily, these are both solvable problems. This talk will include many Django concepts, but the ideas should be applicable to any tool.

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