4 & 5 October 2012
Cape Town, South Africa
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Python in the real world: healthcare in Africa

Brain Leke

Dr. Brain Leke Betechuoh holds a PhD from the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa and has presented at several IEEE conferences globally. He is an application developer at ThoughtWorks, South Africa and has several publications in the field of data mining applied to healthcare in Africa.

Suparna Apte does not hold a PhD from anywhere. The only thing she has published are reviews of restaurants and hotels all over the world. She does, however, know how to write good code and has been doing so in India, US and South Africa for the last six years.

Talk Outline

We will provide some examples of how we solved specific problems as well as talk a little about the philosophy of why we went down this path.

We had the opportunity to develop an app to help improve healthcare in Africa. This is software developed in Africa, for Africa and using Python and Django. We would like to share our experiences in using continuous delivery, polyglot persistence (MongoDB + MySQL), cloud deployments, VUMI, virtual development environments using Vagrant and much more.

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