4 & 5 October 2012
Cape Town, South Africa
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Details of Python performance

Maciej FijaƂkowski

Maciej is a freelancer working mostly on PyPy for the past several years. He's a core developer since 2006, working on all kinds of parts in the entire codebase including JIT, GC and assembler backends. Maciej has been going to many conferences, advertising PyPy to a broader audience for the past several years, including a keynote at Pycon 2010. He's also the main maintainer of jitviewer, a tool for analyzing performance of your python programs under PyPy.

Talk Outline

This talk will present how Python runs different constructs, including examples using CPython and PyPy. It'll also show what are the performance characteristics of various constructs and some basic info on how to make your programs run faster.

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