4 & 5 October 2012
Cape Town, South Africa
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Changing from .net to python

David Campey

I run Information Logistics, we create software. In teams. It's awesome.


'80s: learnt to read copying ZX Spectrum code from magazines as a kid
'90s: working support & maintenance for an ISP, lots of learning & hacking
'00s: engineering degree at UCT, started Information Logistics, learnt to do Agile
'10s: applying team dev skills with lean start-ups, agile coaching, software craftsmanship

Talk Outline

We changed from .net to python. We still go back sometimes.

In the beginning, our first commercial project was in Zope (I know, I know).

Swayed by corporate client preferences we wandered into the land of .net back in 1.1 days. And stayed for 2.0. then 3.0. And 3.5 ... then came appengine and we had a great python platform to recommend to new start-ups (using "Google" technologies is gold in the start-up space).

So we came back from the land of .net and brought some friends with us into the python land. These days we do a bit of both and it's very interesting to cross the border, each side has its teachings and benefits.

This talk will present stories and perspectives from real-life survivors living on the border. Touching on OO, tool-chains and community, it is sure to entertain.

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