4 & 5 October 2012
Cape Town, South Africa
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Information Logistics

Information Logistics is an agile software product development company.

Focus: Great teams creating great products.
Product: A team week. A team will work on a client’s project for a week.
Stacks: Python/Google App Engine & C# / Microsoft .NET

Team engages weekly with interesting projects requiring custom software development talent. Generally for one to two team weeks per month for a number of months.


Our first project in 2004 was a Zope air-freight flight planning product. These days we choose python/appengine for web apps. We also have current projects in c#/.net and recently embedded c/c++ as well as some java when required.

Most of our work (91% over the last 12 months) is with startups needing access to a team ready to hit the ground running to build and iterate on their software.

Other projects are either medium corporates who can’t have a full time internal dev team or companies with their own development teams who need access to a team to try a dev spike or help getting the ball rolling with testing, continuous integration or other extreme programming (xp) practices.

Next steps

Our team week model has been working really well for the last few years and we’re just about ready to start scaling up with more teams in Cape Town.

For community goodness: we host Tech Talk Tuesday and quarterly Code Retreats at our offices. There’s one button cappuccino and a foosball table and we arent afraid to use them. Come and visit.

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