4 & 5 October 2012
Cape Town, South Africa
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St James Software

St James Software is a Cape Town-based software company developing a web-based product in Python used by clients all over the world, predominantly in the industrial process control sector.

Our main product, j5, is a market leader in configurable, web-based control room logging applications. This replaces paper-based logbooks and non-scalable systems such as spreadsheets, and becomes a central planning, communication and reporting tool for the people operating an industrial plant, with a view to safety and environmental compliance. It contains our own application-building framework, and some standard applications - a shift handover system, task planning system, etc. We also create customized applications for our clients, and are expanding the set of products we develop as a result.

Our largest customer bases are in the petrochemical and refining industry (oil refineries, liquified natural gas production and distribution, gas pipelines, etc), and power generation and distribution. We also have clients in many other industries including utilities, mining, railway, academia and nuclear research (synchrotrons!).

We were established in 1999, and started developing Python web applications in 2002. The principal libraries we use are sqlalchemy, cherrypy, genshi and dojo. We're also developing mobile applications that take our products into the field. We have a friendly and diverse team (currently 15 developers, plus project managers, QA and documentation and admin people), with a mixture of work from home/office, and an agile approach to development. We like cake, and we're very excited about PyConZA :)

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