4 & 5 October 2012
Cape Town, South Africa
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Praekelt Foundation

Praekelt Foundation builds open source, scalable mobile technologies and solutions to improve the health and wellbeing of people living in poverty. Our programmes have reached over 50 million people across 15 countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

The Foundation was founded in early 2007 by Gustav Praekelt and Robin Miller in response to the opportunities created by the rapid and unprecedented spread of mobile phones across Africa. Gustav, a digital entrepreneur and obsessive technologist, recognised how many of the mobile technologies his consultancy developed could be used to give communities access to services and information which had previously been inaccessible.

Our Python Projects


Jmbo is a CMS built on Django enabling you to rapidly build multilingual web and mobi sites with the minimum amount of code and customization. Say Jmbo (that’s Jaambo) to a new way of creating and publishing content for mobile phones!

Read more at jmbo.org -- or grab the code from github.com/praekelt/jmbo


A super-scalable conversation engine for delivering SMSes, star menus and chat messages. It’s event-driven and built on top of Twisted, RabbitMQ and Riak and comes with a great set of unit tests.

Read more at vumi.org -- or grab the code from github.com/praekelt/vumi


We’re looking for innovators, craftsmen and entrepreneurs.

Strategy Challenge
Praekelt Strategists use mobile technology to design solutions to everyday problems. We believe that the ideal candidate cannot be described by a list of qualifications. If you think you have what it takes to be a professional problem solver, tackle one of the problems listed on the page linked below and send us a presentation that conveys your great ideas.
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Community Manager
The Praekelt Foundation Community Manager will take responsibility for creating ongoing exposure and awareness for the Praekelt Foundation as well as its flagship products (such as Jmbo, Vumi, YoungAfricaLive, MAMA and Ummeli) and events (PyconZA, Annual mHealth Summit Event).
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Business Manager
We're looking for a solutions-oriented, tech-savvy Business Manager, who is keen to work within the mobile landscape in South Africa, Africa and beyond. The Praekelt Business Manager leads a team focused on building outstanding mobile applications and managing and growing our roster of blue-chip clients.
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